My uncle is suffering from XYZ disease. Does Longevity Next help treat specific diseases?
We do not treat any specific disease. With the latest and ongoing scientific developments and cognitive computation, we help our clients take best medical, dietary and behavioral decisions. If you or someone close to you is suffering from a specific ailment, our reports and recommendations can help your doctor serve you better.
Our doctors and other health experts help manage your overall lifestyle to get the best out of your ongoing treatment.

I am a 24 year old person already into fitness. Can your services be of any help to me?
Yes. Irrespective of your current state, our health experts deeply analyze your historical, environmental and behavioral pattern and habits and guide you to get best out of your routine.

I am an office goer in my 50s. How can I benefit from Longevity Next?
According to WHO, the 4 main noncommunicable diseases responsible for people’s death are cardiovascular diseases, cancers, diabetes and chronic lung diseases. Through scientific intervention & lifestyle management program, such risks can be drastically lowered. A lot of underlying conditions can even be reversed.

I am a young and healthy woman with few extra pounds. I don’t want to crash diet. Can you help me reduce my weight?
Yes. We help you scientifically manage your overall lifestyle. Our service not only help you manage weight, it also keeps track of many other aspects of your overall health.

How are you different from other doctors or diagnostic centers?
Suppose you are a woman diagnosed with PCOD and one particular hormonal imbalance. Your doctor has prescribed some medicines and asked you to reduce ten kg of body weight through diet and exercise. Then you consult a dietitian for nutrition management and a physical trainer for an exercise routine. Here nobody knows each other. Your dietitian suggests food to achieve your target without much knowledge of your various medical reports. Your personal trainer makes you do exercises without much understanding of hormonal levels of a female body. We at Longevity Next have all under a single roof. By feeding all your available data to our cognitive computation system, we generate insights. We analyze each and every big and small data (like particular food and drug timing, exercise timing and hormonal levels) and various possible outcomes, which are otherwise extremely difficult, if not impossible, for a single human being to comprehend. Those reports are then carefully analyzed by our team of experts to create final recommendations.

Do we physically need to visit your establishment?
No. You can benefit from our services from the convenience of your home or office. We guide you through video calls and phone.

Can I benefit from AI from day one?
No. It evolves with time. Artificial intelligence or predictive analytics derives results after analyzing a big amount of data gathered over a period of time. Since a new client won’t have enough data initially which the AI can read, it won’t be able to generate results.