How It Works

Many of our processes that are still part of an ongoing research may not be available for general public.

We collect your historical, environmental and behavioral data and analyze it.

We may recommend certain tests, if required, depending upon your age, sex, medical conditions and risk factors etc. You can get those tests done from any nearby medical facilities of your choice.

We run your various data through some of the world’s most powerful AI (Artificial Intelligence) or cognitive computing systems where they are analysed and compared with massive amount of historical and current data and generate customized reports.


The results are then manually analysed by our highly professional and specialised team of doctors, physical trainers, nutritionists and researchers. A personalised report and recommendations is then created. We guide you through every steps and help you implement those life changing recommendations.


You get-

Detailed diet consultation

Physical activity / exercise consultation

Help plan and implement healthy habits on daily and weekly basis

Doctor’s consultation if required

We minutely monitor and modulate all the changes taking place both internally and externally, your diet and activity patterns, environmental factors etc. throughout the year to get desired results.

We will keep introducing latest scientific and technological breakthroughs to keep you on track throughout this journey.